Uveitis (you-vee-EYE-tis) is a general term describing a group of inflammatory diseases that produces swelling and destroys eye tissues. The inflammation of the uvea — the middle layer of the eye that consists of the iris, ciliary body and choroid. The uvea provides blood flow to the deep layers of the retina. The type of uveitis you have depends on which part or parts of the eye are inflamed. Uveitis can have many causes, including infection, injury, or an autoimmune or inflammatory disease. Often, a cause cannot be identified.

Uveitis can be serious, leading to permanent vision loss. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent the complications of uveitis.

Uveitis warning signs often come on suddenly and worsen quickly, though in some cases, they develop gradually.  They include eye redness, pain and blurred vision. The condition can affect one or both eyes. It primarily affects people ages 20 to 50, but it may also affect children.

Symptoms of Inflammatory Eye Disease:

The symptoms Inflammatory Eye Disease or uveitis include:

  • Eye redness
  • Eye pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Dark, floating spots in your field of vision (floaters)
  • Decreased vision

Diagnosis of Inflammatory Eye Disease:

Your eye specialist will likely conduct a complete eye exam and gather a thorough health history. They may also order any of the following tests:

  • Blood tests
  • Analysis of fluid from the eye
  • Photography to evaluate the retinal blood flow (angiography)
  • Photography to measure the thickness of the retinal tissue and to determine the presence or absence of fluid in or under the retina.

Treatment of Inflammatory Eye Disease:

The goal of treatment is to reduce the inflammation in your eye. Several treatment options are available. The speed of your recovery depends in part on the type of uveitis you have and the severity of your symptoms. Uveitis that affects the back of your eye (choroiditis) tends to heal more slowly than uveitis in the front of the eye (iritis). Severe inflammation takes longer to clear up than mild inflammation does. Uveitis can come reoccur.

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